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Development of AVF (Asian Vovinam Federation)

VietNamNet Bridge – The founding of the Asian Vovinam Federation (AVF) is a landmark for Vovinam and Vietnamese sports in general in bringing Vietnamese martial arts to the world. International delegates at the congress to establish the AVF in Tehran, Iran.

Returning home from the congress to establish the AVF in Tehran (Iran) on February 23, Secretary of the World Vovinam Federation (WVF) Vo Danh Hai recalled: “When we chose Iran to organise the congress and as the site of the AVF head office, many asked us why we didn’t choose another country, or Vietnam. “We decided to choose Iran because this country has a long tradition of martial arts, and many famous artists who have won world and Olympic championships in taekwondo, karate and boxing.” Hai said Iranian artists practiced for just one year to win an Olympic taekwondo gold medal. Their success surprised South Korea, the cradle of taekwondo.

In addition, Vietnam and Iran signed an agreement on cooperation in sports and Iran was very enthusiastic in developing Vovinam. Iran also agreed to take care of accommodations and meals for all delegations to the AVF congress. Dr. Walid Kassas, former Chairman of the Asian Kick-boxing Federation, who is experienced in developing martial arts in Asia, carefully asked about the rules of Vovinam and the role of AVF at the upcoming Asian Indoor Games in Vietnam this October. He said he believed that he could call for ten countries to practice Vovinam within a year. At the congress, foreign delegates raised a question: “Will Vietnam win all gold medals for Vovinam at the Asian Indoor Games 2009?” The Vice Chairman cum Secretary General of the Vietnam Olympic Committee, Hoang Vinh Giang, answered: “We will play fairly. It is stated in the regulations: Vietnam will participate in 3/6 one-on-one and 5/8 performance categories. Referees will come from Europe and Africa if Asian referees are not qualified.” Foreign delegates asked Vietnam to help them in terms of techniques.

The Chairman of the Indian Vovinam Federation, Vishuu Sahai, asked Vietnam to send a Vovinam expert to India to open a training course for Indian coaches. India will compete with Iran to host the Asian Vovinam Championships in 2010. The Indian representative also stated the country would have 10,000 Vovinam students in the next one year. Iran asked Vietnam to send two experts to Iran to teach Vovinam for six months. “Vovinam is gradually being welcomed in Asia. We are trying to send it far. Firstly, we will organise a second training course for Asian coaches and referees in mid April in HCM City. International Vovinam rules are being compiled,” Hai said. He said that he is trying to turn Vovinam into a faculty at the Sports and Physical Training University.

Outstanding vovinam training centres in HCM City:

– Vovinam centre at 31 Su Van Hanh, District 10: instructors Nguyen Van Chieu, Nguyen Van Sen, Nguyen Van Vang

– Vovinam Club of Le Hong Phong High School, 235 Nguyen Van Cu, District 5: instructor Nguyen Van Chieu

– Vovinam Club of the Teacher Training University, 280 An Duong Vuong, District 5: instructors Tran Van My, Vo Thanh Lam

– Nguyen Du Club, 116 Nguyen Du, District 1: Instructor Nguyen Van Hieu

– Army Club, 2 Pho Quang and 202 Hoang Van Thu, Tan Binh District: instructors Vo Danh Hai, Pham Thi Kim Dien, and Nguyen Thanh Sang

Source: VietNamNet/TT

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Promoting Vovinam martial arts in Thailand and Iran

Vietnamese athletes will leave for Thailand on December 17 to give a performance and promote the Vietnamese traditional martial art (Vovinam).

During a five-day stay, they will provide Thai athletes with additional training about Vovinam in preparation for the Asian Indoor Games to be held in Vietnam in 2009.

After Thailand, Vietnamese martial artists will give training to Indonesian athletes in February 2009, according to Nguyen Van Chieu, vice chairman of the Vietnam Vovinam Federation (VVF).

Meanwhile, VVF General Secretary Vo Danh Hai has been busy in Iran from December 12-16 preparing for the establishment of the Asian Vovinam Federation to be headquartered in this Islamic nation.

The fact that Iran and many Asian countries know about Vovinam will help the Asian Indoor game 2009 attract more foreign teams and promote the image of the traditional Vietnamese art to the world.

(Source: Vovnews)ivf-logo

The first and most comprehensive Vovinam Book in the world

vovinamusa.jpgThe US Vovinam Federation is proud to present the first and most comprehensive Vovinam instructional book in the world. 

Its author, Master Patrick Levet, is the well-versed in Vietnamese language and culture and is credited with expanding Vovinam-Vietvodao in many nations around the world. 

The book’s title – Vovinam Việt Võ Đạo, the history and culture of a people’s warriors – is available in English for the introductory price of $40.00 plus shipping and handling until the end of April 2008. 

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Federal Recognition of the U.S. Vovinam Federation

Cincinati, U.S.A. – Effective 12/24/2007, the United States Treasury Department (Internal Revenue Services – IRS) formally issued the federal Employment Identification Number, recognizing the legitimacy of the U.S. Vovinam Federation (UVF) and Vovinam-VietVoDao, USA as the governing body of the sport of Vovinam in the United States.